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Tips for Successful On-Line Dating


On-line dating has been getting a workout in the press lately. Shows like Oprah, Good Morning America and others have had shows on both the pros and the cons of finding love online. Everyone on those shows seems to have their own personal story about the cyber date from hell. …

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The Don’t List of Teenage Dating


As a young college student, and a teenage girl, I have learned a lot from my mistakes, and the mistakes of others. One thing that many adults don’t understand is that the dating world for today’s teenager has changed significantly over the last few decades. While their advice is always …

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Diary of Me: Divorced, Dating, & Delirious


“Wonder Twin Powers…Activate!” Remember those awesome cartoons that used to be on Saturday morning tv? When I was little, I always looked forward to them; School House Rock, Superfriends, and Bugs Bunny to name a few. Back then, most cartoons weren’t solely focused on educating children, well ,maybe with the …

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