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Dating Tip: Ask About Foreskin


Why Don’t We Talk About Circumcision? Tip for your next date: ask him or her, “What is a normal penis?” Okay, I realize this may not be your ideal pick-up line, but the reality is that once couples have committed and copulated, they must decide for their infant baby boys …

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Dating Illness: A Memoir


Coming Off a Break-up with Jasper I haven’t contemplated dating issues for some time. It’s not that there haven’t been any, but rather I’ve been avoiding admitting to repeated failure. After so many disastrous experiences I was hoping to have learned something and moved past entertaining tales of hopeless romantic …

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Dating Illness


Taking it Out on Friends The fact is there is always a need for a rebound guy. I guess Mitch could stay in that category. I liked to be seen with him because he had a good stature and was attractive. He worked out for hours every day so of …

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Pajamas, Grandmas, and Dating Jesus


How Relationships Work and How They Don’t Only Moses could walk around in pajamas, talk to freethinking philosophers, argue with theologians, talk about the Virgin Birth, flirt with the cute girl at the coffee shop (being flatly turned down!) all in a matter of minutes. But even such people have …

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Tips for Creating an Online Dating Profile


In the World of Internet Relationships, Your Profile is Your Resume Your resume has about 10 seconds to catch a recruiter’s eye. Anyone who has ever read job-searching resources or sought professional career counseling advice has heard this or a similar estimate. Recruiters have hundreds of resumes land in their …

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