Pajamas, Grandmas, and Dating Jesus


How Relationships Work and How They Don’t Only Moses could walk around in pajamas, talk to freethinking philosophers, argue with theologians, talk about the Virgin Birth, flirt with the cute girl at the coffee shop (being flatly turned down!) all in a matter of minutes. But even such people have …

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Tips for Creating an Online Dating Profile


In the World of Internet Relationships, Your Profile is Your Resume Your resume has about 10 seconds to catch a recruiter’s eye. Anyone who has ever read job-searching resources or sought professional career counseling advice has heard this or a similar estimate. Recruiters have hundreds of resumes land in their …

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A Christian Dating Guide


An old phrase, but each of us has met a girl that fits that description. You know what I mean, beautiful, money, goals– she’s everything you’ve ever wanted. Only problem is she doesn’t want anything to do with you. In fact she doesn’t even know you exist. She’s in PSY303 …

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Dating Etiquette


Horn Blowing and Other Deal Breakers The food arrived and we dug in. It was 2am and we were sitting eating breakfast at one of those open-twenty-four joints. Who remembers now how the conversation first ensued, but the subject of dating came up. We created quite a balanced panel. Evenly …

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Dating Red Flags


What to Watch Out For In many of my previous articles and posts, you’ll often hear me use the term “red flags” in reference to a girl, and if you haven’t read all of them yet, you better have a damn good reason why you’re slacking off!! Anyway, today we’re …

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